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Non Functional Requirements: A Powerful Gamechanger in Your Cloud Application’s Success

Non Functional Requirements or NFRs are one of the most underrated yet integral aspects of cloud application development. Though it is an important part of an application’s design, they are not given enough attention during different stages of the development of the app. Comprising the operational features of a cloud-based product, the NFRs of an […]...
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How to choose between Native and Hybrid Mobile App?

You are a business owner / want to start a new business and you want a mobile app to be developed for your business. There comes the confusion between the type of app development method. Even though both can solve your need, we have to decide this based on the business need. Because, it has […]...
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PWA! The Alternate for Mobile App

In the era of the internet and mobile, people tend to download apps for every single need. Have you ever noticed how many apps we have installed on our mobile phones? Everything serves a different purpose. Generally, people are not aware of installable web apps.  The average user is not concerned about the technical approach […]...
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