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8 Reasons Why Mobile First Design Is Essential for Your Web Project

Mobile-first refers to the design philosophy in web development services that prioritises the layout, appearance and functioning of web projects to fit on a mobile screen right from its initial stages of development. The idea is to master a design that can be successfully accommodated into a small screen, with just the most important features […]...
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7 Web Development Challenges That You Must Not Ignore in 2022

No field of work is without its challenges. But when it comes to something as fast-paced and rapidly changing as the information technology industry, there is a new hurdle at every other turn, and no amount of caution is ever enough. As far as a web developer is concerned, assessing the challenges that might arise […]...
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Moving Legacy Applications to Cloud Environments – Why and How?

The evolution of the technological era is happening at a better pace than one has envisioned. Do you wish to keep up with these cutting-edge changes in technology? Has your organisation shown a statistical decline in overall business activity and user engagement? If so, it is high time you stop letting outdated applications from sabotaging […]...
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6 Key Mobile App Design Stages to Your App’s Success

Across the globe, enterprises like businesses, institutions and organisations are becoming highly dependent on mobile applications for their day to day functions and transactions. This has resulted in the emergence of thousands of mobile application development services that work with business heads and team leads to create applications that align with the latter’s needs. Despite […]...
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