App Development Cost in 2022

The triumph of your organisation is nurtured by many factors of which mobile applications for your business take one of the lead roles. You know you have crossed a significant milestone when you recognize the need to develop an application for your organisation and act on it. Whether this application is built to maximise customer engagement or to facilitate your internal operations and personnel management, you need to gain some significant insights into what goes behind app development before you take any step further. The success of a mobile application is directly proportional to the skill, tenacity and competency of the app development team. The perfect combination of various stakeholders that form this team will result in the creation of the application of your dreams. In this scenario, the actualization of your vision takes precedence over your vision itself and the former is integral to the conception of the best application that you can ever source for your organisation.  


While the cost of developing a customised application in the year 2022 varies in different countries depending on the location, demand, market, type of application and workforce, the average price range to build an application in the shortest time frame of four to five months is estimated to be somewhere between 20,000 USD and 25,000 USD. Being the minimum amount that you need to invest to conceive, design, build and develop an application, this price range equips you with the essential task force that can become a game-changer in the development of your company’s application. As business leaders, you ought to know what goes into the creation of an app by an Android and IOS application development company and understand where your funds are allocated by familiarizing yourself with the team or the resource pool behind your application. The members of this team that offers mobile application development services are indispensable and are eight in number: 


  • Two Backend Developers 
  • Two Frontend Developers 
  • One UI Designer 
  • One UX Designer  
  • One Quality Assurance Specialist  
  • One Project Manager 


Each of these members plays a significant role in developing an application for your organization and constitutes the crux of the team. The following are the duties and responsibilities of the app development team: 


Backend Developers

Backend developers are programmers who meet the server-side demands of the application. They create code and APIs in accordance with the vision that you have for your application. They are in charge of executing the logic behind the app, creating its architectural framework and providing solutions to issues related to the system. They develop the technology required for the functioning of the front end. For instance, if you need an application developed for food delivery, a backend developer determines the best and most efficient way to build the necessary system that will make the interaction of the front end users with the application seamless – the mechanism of functions like viewing the food menu, adding specific dishes to the cart and making the online payment is skillfully executed at the server-side framework by the backend developers. An app development team requires a minimum of two backend developers. 


Frontend Developers

Frontend developers are programmers who facilitate the easy interaction of users with the application. As opposed to backend development, frontend development meets the client-side demands and optimises the experience of the users. In the example of building a food delivery application, the work done by the frontend developers is reflected in the functions that you perform as users of the app like accessing the menu, choosing dishes and paying for them online – while your experience of interacting with the application to order food is the responsibility of the front end developers, the behind-the-scenes technology that makes this experience possible is the responsibility of the backend developers. An app development team requires a minimum of two front-end developers. 


UX Designer

A user experience designer or a UX designer in an app development team ensures that the users have a pleasant experience while using the application. They tactfully design the process of the users’ interaction with the app from the beginning when they establish contact with the app, till the end when they exit it. A UX designer is involved in all the aspects that contribute to the users’ quality of experience. These include branding, function, design, accessibility, usability, efficiency, app pleasurability and aesthetics. In the previously mentioned example of the food delivery app, the responsibilities of a UX designer will include the creation of wireframes of all the screens that the user will interact with while ordering food and defining the location of content, images and labels on the app. For instance, the UX designer might map an audio search feature within the search bar to improve inclusivity or add a “previously ordered” option for returning users to make their favourite orders easily accessible. Therefore the ultimate aim of a UX designer is to place the users at the centre and create a pleasant and pleasurable experience when they interact with your business through the application. An app development team requires at least one UX designer. 


UI Designer 

Despite being interchangeably used, a User Interface (UI) designer is not the same as a UX designer. UI is a subset of UX but the skill sets and the job roles of UI and UX designers are separate from each other. The former deals exclusively with the visual aspects of the point of contact or interface that the user engages with to access the application while the latter encompasses all aspects of user experience. From typography to the colours of the clickable buttons, a UI designer wields their power to encourage the users to keep interacting with the application by using visual cues and prompts that instinctually connect with the users. In the example of the food delivery app, the user’s ability to access the delivery tracking feature of two separate orders by swiping between them is the brainchild of the UI designer. An app development team requires at least one UI designer. 


Quality Assurance Specialist

A Quality Assurance Specialist is in charge of ensuring that the application meets professional standards. Before the final product is released to the market, the QA Specialist uses several ways like inspection, investigation and analysis to determine whether the application is on par with the standards of the company as well as the external standards. Some of their many responsibilities include mastering the procedure and rules of quality assurance, analysing different aspects of the application and extensively checking if they comply with the quality standards, detecting problems related to different facets of the application, and coming up with solutions to mitigate these problems. An app development team requires a minimum of one QA Specialist. 


Project Manager

The project manager is responsible for the entire project process from planning to executing the project successfully. They are the point of liaison between the app development team and the customer. As business leaders, most of your interaction will be with the project manager who will facilitate multi-way communication between you and the members of the team. The development of an application initialises with an idea that needs to be defined and redefined until it can be moulded into a feasible blueprint of an application. The ideas and expectations that you have regarding the application that you need are evaluated by the project manager who would then work on them to build a solid plan to bring the project to fruition. In addition to the project process, they also assign the duties of the team members, set deadlines, plan and stick to the budget, monitor the work done by the team, communicate with the clients and ensure client satisfaction, offer solutions to problems arising from both ends and evaluate how effective the project has been and the level of its efficiency. 


These members form the core app development team and work interdependently to create a fully functional, attractive, efficient and usable application that aids your business and facilitates interaction with your target audience. Now you know exactly where your resources are directed when you avail the services of a mobile application development service team.