Must Have Application Strategy

The shift in the approaches to web application development has created a need to employ new strategies to ensure the efficiency, success and quality of the applications in the midst of heavy competition. These strategies are built around some inevitable tools and practices that will equip you with the know-how to build web applications that meet the current global standards. Whether these tools are new trends or age-old techniques, they give your web application a strategic advantage to flourish amidst other similar competing applications. The following are some of the must-haves of the application strategy that you cannot do without in 2022.  


1. Progressive Web Applications (PWA)

Since the experience of the users of a web application is of utmost importance to the success of the app, it is necessary to build a web application that can be easily accessed through a mobile browser as well. Progressive Web Applications or PWA ensure that when the users open the web application from their phones, it transforms itself to become adaptable to the mobile browser. A progressive web application looks and feels like a mobile application when accessed from the mobile browser and enables users to engage with the app quickly and efficiently without the necessity of downloading the application from an app store. It increases the visibility of the app and will become one of the most sought after types of web applications in 2022. 


2. Cloud Computing

An integral part of the web application strategy that has transformed the world of web development is cloud computing. Though cloud computing has been gaining momentum for quite some time, it is one of the technologies that will have a long term cutting-edge relevance. Owing to the scalability of cloud computing, organisations can now spend money on cloud services according to their needs and business requirements. This flexibility gives them the autonomy to choose what services they require at a specific point, allowing them to allocate their funds more resourcefully. The opportunities that cloud computing provides are endless. Hence, developers can become as creative and inventive as they want while building web applications using the cloud.  


3. Artificial Intelligence

One of the most popular strategic tools in web development in 2022 will be artificial intelligence. It is true that artificial intelligence has penetrated almost all niches in the global technological exchanges and activities. But as foreseen by experts, AI is going to gain traction at a more significant level across the world in 2022 and web development is one of the industries that will highly benefit from it. Employing AI in web development not only makes the applications that you build become more equipped with features like personalised content projection and efficient user engagement but also aids in the app development life cycle. A primary goal of any web application is to increase the number of its users and facilitate their interaction with the app – it seeks to encourage users to take some action like clicking the subscribe button or buying an item sold by the application. Using chatbots backed by artificial intelligence on your web applications is one way that will promote active interaction of the users with the application as they create a conversational experience to the users by asking them questions, inviting their queries and providing solutions. 


4. Voice Search

Incorporating voice search in your web applications is another strategy that can add to the experience of the users while interacting with your app. Voice search is a tool that increases the users’ convenience while using the app. It provides easy access to the services offered by the application. The web app must be optimised to make it compatible with mobile devices of different types as a large number of users utilise the voice search option from their phones. People also use voice search on the Internet of Things devices. Hence web development and web content creation must be strategically in tandem with voice searches so that the application has maximum visibility and impact. 


5. Microservices

A web application’s successful development and execution are closely linked with its architecture. Using a microservices architecture over a monolithic conventional framework will put you at a strategic advantage because the former breaks down the web application into specific bite-sized services that collectively work to fulfil the functions of the application. Microservices architecture will not only increase the flexibility of web developers but also reduces the risk factor in terms of the errors that can occur in the app. This is because the problems that arise can be addressed and solved at the smallest level owing to the individuality of the services. This ensures that the quality and efficiency of the application can be increased by focussing on each microservices without interfering with the overall functioning of the application. 


6. Dark Mode Option

Recent times have seen an increase in people’s attraction towards applications that have the dark mode feature. Tech giants like Google and Facebook offer the dark mode option in their applications and have received a positive response from their users. A poll by Polar revealed that 92% of its users prefer the dark mode. In addition to the apparent attraction that users have towards the dark mode in applications, it also has several features that make it beneficial. The dark mode ensures that the content on the website, from text to images, is clear and legible to its users. It saves the battery life of the device and reduces blue light too. It also reduces the strain on the users’ eyes even if they access the application from an environment that is not well lit. Hence in 2022, one of the must-haves of the application strategy is to incorporate the dark mode option into your UI. 


These are some of the effective practices that you need to incorporate into your web application strategy in 2022 to build successful web apps that not only are well received when they are released to the market but also maintain their success for a long time with minimal reinforcements.