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For more than eight years, we’ve been at the forefront of the tech industry, delivering innovative solutions to clients across the globe. Our team of experts is proficient in advanced technologies, including Process Automation, Mobile and Web App Development, IoT, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, and Cloud computing. These cutting-edge tools have been instrumental in reshaping enterprises, driving efficiency and productivity, and propelling rapid growth.

But our commitment extends beyond mere obligation. Within our business, we prioritize many values, ensuring that each product we develop is infused with excellence and precision.

Our Services

We offer a broad spectrum of information technology services, from application development to building complex ML tools. Below are the broad categories of services that we offer.

Process Automation

Struggling with operational bottlenecks? Let us solve your challenges with our tailored process automation solutions.

ERP Integration

Stumbling to synchronize data with your ERP system? Our experts effortlessly solve your data management challenges.

Legacy App Migration

Striving with the complexities of migrating legacy applications? Our team tackle and ensure a smooth and efficient migration.

Product Development

Frustrated with product development ? Let our experienced team navigate the challenges, bringing your vision to life.

Why FreeTechCafe?

Our experts develop the best Customized Applications and Software Services to achieve beyond your expectations. The enthusiastic team is here to assist you around the clock and is keen to deliver the project on time.


You always dream of growing your business, so our solutions are always highly scalable.

Exceptional Quality

No exceptions in the quality of the product at any phase. Nothing over the quality.

Timely Delivery

We follow the agile methodology and you get timely delivery to perfectly plan the launch.
Case Studies

Still Thinking About Our Capablities?

Over the past several years, we’ve successfully completed more than 80 projects. Explore our case studies to gain insights into our previous work and discover the diverse range of projects we’ve undertaken.

We created an all-encompassing, multi-tenant web application aimed at enhancing the efficiency of gathering and managing critical patient information, thereby expediting the authorization process.

View Case Study

The project entailed creating a robust SaaS practice management solution, designed to be easily customizable, user-friendly, and available for white-labeling.

View Case Study

We built a system to process 100s of transactions from Bank of America and Wells Fargo to automatically post the receivables against the open invoices in the ERP.

View Case Study

We created a resilient and automated data management system within a constrained timeframe. We aimed to establish a centralized system to diminish data errors, eradicate duplication, and bolster data security through automation.

View Case Study

The project entails an online ordering system designed to fulfill all customer requirements. Its primary objective is to pioneer a novel business model and architectural design, aiming to be unparalleled in its innovation.

View Case Study

We have created an AI-driven tool with the ability to analyze complex application code and transform it into a microservices architecture, emphasizing code parsing and segregation into distinct code bases.

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