Top 5 reasons to redesign your website

The website is the digital face of your business. It’s the first thing everyone looks at before purchasing from you or availing of a service from you. As your business standard increases with time, the same should reflect on your website too. There are many reasons, which puts you in a situation to re-design your website to sail in your business hassle-free. 

Mobile Responsiveness

In recent years, the usage of mobile phones are increasing rapidly. A statistical report says, 72% of urban people and 92% of rural people rely on mobile phones for internet usage (Source: To provide a better experience to mobile users, it is necessary to re-design your website with mobile responsiveness.

Even you may share the reference pages/knowledge base to your client using instant messages / SMS which is likely to be opened in the mobile browser rather than desktop. So, it is preferable to re-design your site to make it mobile responsive.


For Better SEO Ranking

The search engines like Google are constantly changing their algorithm, which affects your ranking position in search engines. So, you should redesign your website to comply with the standards of Search Engines. With SEO optimized websites, you will get better visibility and leads.


Content Strategy

Every user wants to see their choice of content, even the same user wants different content at a different time he/she visits. This makes it necessary to change the content in the website periodically in case of a static site, another good option is re-designing your website with a blog section that delivers updated content to users periodically.


Slow Site Speed

Your content is great and you have a good number of visits, but having a problem with bounce rate and conversion? The reason may be the slow speed website. At times, it may take longer than usual. So, the users lose interest and move away. This can be fixed by redesigning your website with optimized content delivery techniques and the latest technologies in designing.


Your Competitors have Better Website

This is the last case, but an important one. If your competitors have a better website, it is necessary to redesign your website, to compete in the market to project professionalism over them.